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Tiki Zombie
Welcome to Tiki Z's

Tiki Zombie: Welcome to Tiki Z's

Tiki Zombie: Welcome to Tiki Z's (CPR-1103)
Take a trip to the tropics without leaving your house! Just close your eyes and listen to Welcome to Tiki Z's! This wonderfully fun soundtrack inspired by the Tiki Zombie comic book introduces listeners to some of the crazy characters from Mooga Bali as well as a few instrumental tracks just to put you in a FAN-TIKI-TASTIC mood. There's even a groovy cover of Elvis Presley's Rock-A-Hula Baby thrown in for good measure! Released by Genterine Records on June 6, 2015.

1. Welcome to Tiki Z's
2. Rock-A-Hula Baby
3. Tiki Zomie In Action
4. Beautiful %&@# World (Don's Lament)
5. Bossa Nova Torkahuna
6. Hula Kahula Beach
7. Tiki Zombie Shuffle
8. Closing Time At Tiki Z's



Tiki Zombie: Welcome to Tiki Z's CD: $6


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