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   Cobweb Strange
   Electric Poem
   Love Like Heaven
   The Lundell Brothers
   Miracle Minute
   Possum Kingdom Ramblers
   Pure Ed
   Radio Cult
   Shovin' Sunshine
   Spyglass Guest
   The Silvers

   Dressed To Thrill: KISS
   Ghost Notes
   Paths Less Traveled
   A Collection of Curiosities


About Us

Genterine Records was founded in 1998 when the newly formed company took over the releases of Counterpoint Records.  Although the compilation CD A Collection of Curiosities was, in 1998, the last release by Counterpoint Records and the first project for Genterine Records, the label was officially launched later that year with the release of the Cobweb Strange album Sounds from the Gathering.  The relatively small roster of artists allows for each album to receive the attention that it deserves and ensures that no album released by Genterine Records will become lost beneath a pile of other albums or forgotten about due to popularity of other artists on the label.

The majority of releases on Genterine Records fall outside of an easily defined genre.  Each band has a unique sound and as a result, it is difficult to categorize the bands or the label in general.  Although this creates a difficult situation for marketing, it presents bands who might not fit into the blueprint of other labels an opportunity to present their music to the public.  It also creates an opportunity for fans of unique music to find a source for something new and different.  As a result, Genterine Records offers somewhat of a haven for the unique.

To those who have made the label what it is today, we thank you.