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Various Artists
The Hawk of New York: Official Soundtrack

The Hawk of New York: Official Soundtrack

The Hawk of New York: Official Soundtrack
Music plays an important roll in the Hawk of New York comic book.  Song lyrics from the 1980s create a sonic backdrop and help to set the tone for the first two issues.  The Hawk of New York Official Soundtrack is meant to accompany the comic by compiling an impressive collection of bands who breath new life to familiar favorites and deeper album cuts from the 1980s - each in their own unique style.  Even without the comic book, this CD stands alone as an excellent reinvention of classic 1980s songs.  CDs ship on August 23, 2014.

1. Hundred Thousand Crossroads (Eric's
    Theme) (Randyl Bishop)
2. Mad World (Farpoint)
3. Breaking the Law (Immortal Soul)
4. Hungry Like The Wolf (Radio Cult)
5. One Thing Leads to Another
    (The Lost Boys)
6. Waiting Room (Cydetrax)
7. Pump It Up (Pure Ed)
8. Rise Above (Konservetie Stringi)
9. Bad Luck (Redline)
10. The End of the Innocence
      (Black Adams)
11. A Means to an End (Randyl Bishop)
12. If You Want To Be A Bird
     (Possum Kingdom Ramblers)
13. Take on Me (October Layne)
14. Killing Moon (Celia Gary)
15. Ace of Spades (Radio Cult)
16. Ball and Chain
     (Paul "The Turk" Rothenberger)
17. Take These Broken Wings (Neil Lee
     Griffin, Scarecrow of Upstate S.C.)

The Hawk of New York: Official Soundtrack CD: $10


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available to the USA.
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