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The Silvers
After The Laughter

The Silvers: After The Laughter

The Silvers: After The Laughter (CPR-1105)
Fans of the great songwriting and catchy hooks from 60s rock are sure to love The Silvers full-length debut album After The Laughter! The Beatles and The Monkees are two of the main influences for The Silvers and the band can't wait for you to hear their debut packed with 14 instant classics! Released by Genterine Records on March 15, 2016.

Download the album worldwide for just $9.99 CLICK HERE!

1. Running Away
2. No More (This Time I Mean It)
3. Sunday Girl
4. Little Minds, Little Hearts
5. Good Friends
6. Nothing Really Matters
7. Down And Out
8. Hey, Marie
9. Itís Alright
10. Iím Just The Other Guy
11. Mr. Kool
12. So Long
13. You Ask A Lot of Questions
14. When the Time Comes

The Silvers: After The Laughter CD: $10

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