2nd Annual
Rogue Independent
Music Festival
New Progressive Music from the Southeast
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The Festival (second year):
After the success of the first festival, we just had to do it again!  However,  this time it would be expanded from one day to two days and the number of bands would increase from 7 the first year to 12 this year.  This year's festival was even more successful than the last and everyone involved had a great time.  If you weren't there, this is what you missed:

Day 1 (Saturday, July 12, 2003)

The first band to perform at this year's festival was Z-Axis.  With a variety of keyboards and heavily effected guitar tones, many of their jam oriented songs could work well as in a movie soundtrack.  The group has an Ozric Tentacles feel mixed with a bit world music influence.

Dead Musicians' Society
Next up was Dead Musician's Society.  Led by Kevin Lucas on Marimba, their high energy show looked like quite a workout for the band who's music is a unique blend of rock and jazz.
Man on Fire
Third on the bill was the neo-prog group, Man on Fire.  Fronted by singer/keyboardist Jeff Hodges, the band took their turn on stage bringing their atmospheric pop sound to the festival.  Derrick Spivey's Zen-Druming was a unique addition to their show.
Paine's Promise
Returning act, Paine's Promise was up next.  This group sounds a lot like recent Rush albums with female vocals.  They were especially tight for their set at the festival.  Highlights of their show included a very impressive drum solo by Daniel Hughes and a cover of the Rush song, Freewill.
Cobweb Strange
The fifth band of the night was Cobweb Strange.  Performing dark, psychedelic prog, the band has been compared to a cross between King Crimson and The Doors.
Click on the link below to hear clips from the 2003 Cobweb Strange Performance:

Cobweb Strange 2003 Fest AUDIO

Closing out the first night was Farpoint. Wonderful vocal harmonies and a vast array of electric and acoustic instruments helped this six piece, Yes influenced band to create a beautiful landscape of sound.  A cover of the Marillion song Lavender mixed in well with their original music.
Day 2 (Sunday, July 13, 2003)
XL opened the second day of the festival and what a wake up call it was.  These guys won the award for loudest band of the weekend.  The guitar and bass amps were so loud that the PA system couldn't compete.  The highlight of their show was definitely Derik Rinehart's drum solo.
The Datura Blues
Arriving late for their set, The Datura Blues were squeezed into a 40 minute set between XL and Solution Science Systems.  Their set consisted of one song, but what a song it was!  With a variety of mood and volume changes, The Datura Blues offered quite a performance.
Solution Science Systems
One of the surprise hits of the festival was the mock research team, Solution Science Systems.  Although they bill themselves not as musicians, but as a group of scientists, their rocking set displayed many musical influences ranging from early King Crimson and Yes to The Buggles and Kiss.
Lord Only
Lord Only took the stage next with a combination of complicated, progressive metal arrangements and cool vocal harmonies.  Bassist John Turner's onstage collection of 7 string basses (including the double neck pictured to the right) was a definite highlight for bassists in the crowd.
The Dream Theater / Iron Maiden influenced group called UT rocked out with a blistering set.  About half of their set featured vocals front man Lary Hunter who's David Coverdale style gave the band a bit more of a classic rock feel.
Karma Lingo
Headlining the festival this year was Karma Lingo.  With more instruments on stage than just about any band since Gentle Giant and amazing vocal harmonies, this group put on an incredible performance!  The highlight of their show was an absolutely incredible cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. 
Charles Holmes
Bassist for Karma Lingo running lights for the festival.
Greg Saford
Broadcasting the show live online through The Prog Palace.
John Turner
Bassist for Lord Only running sound on day one.
Penny Price
running sound on day two with Wade Summerlin, bassist for Cobweb Strange.
End Jam
Audience members joined band members onstage for to jam on "I've Seen All Good People" - Yes!
End Jam
Another picture from the end jam: Kelly, Charles, Bill Kargel & Allen

Special thanks to Bill Kargel for the photos!