4th Annual
Rogue Independent
Music Festival
New Progressive Music from the Southeast
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The Festival (forth year):
Because the festival was held in June instead of July, the Shakespeare Tavern was not available, so after three years at the same venue, we moved to Jake's Toadhouse for year four.   As with the previous two years, the festival was held over a two day period and included12 bands.  If you weren't there, this is what you missed:

Day 1 (Saturday, June 18, 2005)

The first band to perform at this year's festival was Farpoint.  Their third album was just released in December of 2004, so the band was playing some great new material.  This was their third time playing Rogue Fest and this was their best performance to date!

Farpoint Farpoint
The second band of the day was DP3.  Offering up an original blend of musical styles with a unique combination of instruments, DP3 presented the audience with variety of sounds unlike any of the other bands present this year.
Brass Knuckle Surfer
This hard hitting trio blasted through a set of wild instrumental space rock reminiscent of an amped up version of the ventures meets King Crimson.
Brass Knuckle Surfer Brass Knuckle Surfer
Next up was Z-Axis.  With a variety of keyboards and heavily effected guitar tones, many of their jam oriented songs could work well as in a movie soundtrack.  This year, the band added dance performances and a new slide show to their performance.
Z-Axis Z-Axis
Land of Chocolate
One of the most anticipated sets of the year was that of Land of Chocolate and the lived up to expectations with a blazing set of symphonic rock.
Land of Chocolate Land of Chocolate
Although there were a lot of people who already knew that IZZ was a great band, even they didn't know that IZZ was going to play their best set ever this weekend at Rogue Fest.  Not only did their fans get and extra great show, IZZ converted the rest of the audience to IZZ-Heads as well.
The Red Masque
Closing out the first night was The Red Masque with what must be one of the band's most unusual sets ever (and that's saying something with these guys!)  The band performed unique instrumental versions of many of their songs creating a new and very different sound.
The Red Masque The Red Masque
Day 2 (Sunday, June 19, 2005)
The Lost Boys
Day two started off with the first ever electric performance of this hilarious Renascence influenced troop playing original tunes as well as comedic Shakespearian versions of top 40 favorites.  You'd really have to see and hear them to get it, but everyone there had a blast!
The Lost Boys The Lost Boys
Cobweb Strange
Cobweb Strange was the second band to perform on day two.  With a new lineup this year, the band's dark, psychedelic prog sound has become jazzier while maintaining the dark tones that they have become know for creating.
Cobweb Strange Cobweb Strange
Unbounded Sky
Making their sophomore appearance at Rogue Fest, Unbounded Sky delivered yet another amazing set.  Performing their upcoming album in its entirety (along with a couple of tracks from their debut album), this band of high school students has once again given hope that this form of music may not be a dying art.
Unbounded Sky Unbounded Sky
Noise Dot Com
Another internet favorite Noise Dot Com rocked out in a combination of styles from hard rock to groovy jam tunes throughout the duration of their set pleasing old fans and making new ones along the way.
Noise Dot Com Noise Dot Com
Man on Fire
Closing out the night was the neo-prog group, Man on Fire.  Apparently invigorated by the release of their new album, the band rocked out with an ambitious set of material from both the new album as well as some old favorites.
Man on Fire Man on Fire