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The Possum Kingdom Ramblers

Possum Kingdom Ramblers

The Possum Kingdom Ramblers were lovingly assembled from the freshest ingredients by the Possum King, Mr. Buddy Finethy (the brains behind the brunch) as part of a scheme involving pizza, pop culture and vintage toys. In a plot worthy of an episode of Mr. Bean, this faux-grass* group became famous before ever meeting each other. Before the band had even formed, they were asked to contribute a song to The Hawk of New York Soundtrack.  The first time the band ever jammed together, there were already folks showing up to sit in! Their first show was standing room only and included surprise performances from celebrity guests. During their first radio performance, the band took over the station and performed live for an hour. They decided to record a 5-song EP, but since none of the members are very good at math, their self-titled debut is actually 9 tracks of fun!

*Faux-grass: Bluegrass music for people who have absolutely no idea how bluegrass music should sound, but do know how to have a great time!

Possum Kingdom Ramblers: (Self-Titled)
Possum Kingdom Ramblers:

Transmissions: Genterine Records Sampler 2015
Various Artists:
Transmissions: Genterine Records Sampler 2015

The Hawk of New York: Official Soundtrack
Various Artists:
The Hawk of New York
Official Soundtrack

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