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Electric Poem

Electric Poem

Electric Poem was originally formed by vocalist Thomas Luke. Through passionate performances both in the clubs and on television, numerous independent EP releases and college radio exposure, the band achieved a significant underground cult following. Unfortunately, outside tensions splintered the original group before their first full-length album could be completed and members went their separate ways. 

Several years later, the band reformed for a reunion show. This show immediately led to a renewed interest in Electric Poem and the reformation of the band. Shortly after the project took shape, Electric Poem solidified a relationship with Genterine Records and entered the studio once again to begin work on an album that would combine old material with new into a surprisingly unique amalgam. The fruits of this labor bloomed in 2000 with the release of Electric Poem's full-length album The Crystal Mind.

Since then, the band has continued to perform live, filmed two music videos, returned to the studio to record more new music and contributed songs to several compilation CDs.

Electric Poem: The Crystal Mind
Electric Poem:
The Crystal Mind

Various Artists: Paths Less Traveled
Various Artists:
Paths Less Traveled

Various Artists: Ghost Notes
Various Artists:
Ghost Notes

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