And it came to be that Bambi Lynn, the great one, came unto us and said: 

Hi Everyone!  I'm sure you are wondering why this message is separate from the
main page/news page.  Well, because I want it to be a VERY special shout out to Ben!  I want to thank Bitch #1 for starting this website!  If it wasn't for him, it just
flat out would not exist!  Due to unfortunate circumstances, he had to turn the site
over to me (hopefully only temporarily).  In the meantime- let's keep it going!  Send me some pictures- I've got a special page JUST for photos of my bitches!!!
That means you can promote yourself, your band, your business, etc. all while
claiming your bitch-hood to me!!!  *LOL*  Let's make it fun!
 And it was good. Yes, all was good.

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