Want to Join Bambi's Bitches?
Just send an email to:


 and let her know that YOU want to be her bitch!  Just let her
know what you want your "Bitch Name" to be and give her a
brief message to go along with your name*!  Yes- it's THAT
easy!  You can also email her photos of yourself if you
would like your picture** to be on this site!

Here's an example of what your email should include:

Hi!  I want to be one of Bambi's Bitches!
: RockStar
I'm rockin' with the true Bambi's Bitches!  Come on boys and girls- show some love!

*Bambi may alter your name/message if she thinks the material is inappropriate.  She has the right to choose what is displayed on this website.  Have fun, but please keep it clean!
**Please note that by sending images to the above address, you are granting Bambi
Lynn permission the use of your images (example- she may display them on her 

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